Cake Flavors                                             Fillings                                 Icings

vanilla sour cream                                    chocolate mousse                vanilla swiss meringue

yellow butter                                            strawberry mousse              chocolate swiss meringue      

double chocolate                                      raspberry mousse                cream cheese

white almond sour cream                        dulce de leche                     chocolate fudge

fudge brownie                                          whipped ganache                rolled fondant

banana                                                      coconut pecan                   

white chocolate                                        Mexican hot chocolate      

strawberry                                                cookie & cream

carrot                                                        raspberry truffle

                                                                  mocha truffle

serving Northwest indiana and chicagoland area

    All cakes are iced with Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, smooth in texture, rich in flavor. They are then covered in white chocolate fondant to achieve a beautiful, porcelain finish. Shugee's fondant is made from scratch ensuring superior taste and ingredients. Custom designed cakes *Start* at $3.25 per serving. Please note that prices may vary depending upon the intricacy of the design and flavors selected. There is a 25% non-refundable deposit on all orders and the balance is due two weeks prior to delivery. Delivery and set-up fee is $25.